Almost Happy 2.3


Honey Bunny and Me ~ Book 2 ~ Chapter 3

He stopped and stared at her,
His eyes sad and mouth parting quietly,
He had almost forgotten,
What a beautiful face had looked like.

He was so used to seeing a haunting
White sheet draped over Sweetie Pie,
And now out of hiding,
In these few last moments of his life,
He etched into her facial features.

He wanted to talk to her about her day
Where was she going and what was her name,
Tell her that he loved and was afraid of,
And how terrifying it was to feel alone.

Sometimes it’s like everything he ever had
Was slowly withering away gradually,
Becoming a nonexistent memory,
Until now.

John slowly reached out to touch her hand,
As if almost a portrait on the wall,
He was startled when she let him,
It caused him to jump nearly out of his skin,
Glancing up at her, silently and smiling.

He raised an eyebrow and stared at the door,
And politely said, “my name is John Bunny,
That’s what my mother calls me, sometimes Honey.”
The he asked her softly her name,
And she replied, “Sophia.”
The prettiest name he had ever heard,
Was Sophia. He just smiled at her.

And Honey Bunny was almost happy,
Once again.

~ to be continued

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