Life Above the Mat ~ Chinese Laundry

Carmel laundry 2


Life above the Laundry-O-Mat
At the Suds and Duds,
It can be interesting,
Occasionally enough.

I live above the Mat,
But not for long, I hope.

My friend Charles, He came running in,
But I call him Chuck, all frenzied,
All wore out, almost nude,
Wearing only his tighty whities,
They are underwear to a few.

Hey Chuck, what’s up, I said
Why are wearing only your underwear?”
And he said he was mugged,
By a Chinese laundromat lady,
She said she was a virgin, he thought,
Wanted him to find out  for sure.

When all he really wanted was
To drop off a load, a bundle,
Just looking for a little fluff and fold,
Ask him if he wanted to some extra service
Maybe play a bit too, while he waited.

Told him to meet her upstairs,
She lives above the Chinese Laundromat,
Meet me upstairs, undress, she said,
Stole his wallet and clothes, I laughed,
And then she left, he said.

I said Chuck you are in trouble,
You can go home looking like that
Your wife will kick you out,
But I don’t mind helping you out
Let’s go in back, take a look
In the lost and found.

“What do you think I am,
Nieman Marcus or something
Or something like that?

So I found some menswear,
The original owner, never came back
Mr. Wolfman, he liked wearing
Only his wife’s panties
But I’m not looking for none of that.”
I said.

“Check out what I found,
Leather chaps, Only the ass is missing.”

Maybe wear black panties underneath,
No one will notice if you run straight home,
And you might not just find anything
Else to wear. Sorry.”

It’s the first time, I heard of that
I’d never seen anything like it,
But it makes me so happy to help out,
And that’s all I know about that.

Life above the Laundry-O-Mat
It ain’t so bad, helping friends out,
Just one word of advice, though,
Keep out of Chinese Laundromats
And stay away from Virgin
Chinese Fluff and Fold Laundry Ladies,
That’s enough of that, I said.

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