Red Dragon Believers


Help save the Red Dragon from Extinction

This is about a fantastical dream
It’s developing into something bigger
With a story binding ever tighter,
It is how story’s begin, with an idea,
Paper and pen.

Yet there are a number of non-believers
Remaining in this world,
It makes me hesitate, to stop and think,
Forever memorizing words and images,
Of imaginary creatures and forbidden love,
This red dragon is near extinction.

The first red dragon appeared to me
It was to be forever embedded in my memory,
Among the long-winding fantasia,
And if I told you, Red Dragons are real,
Would you believe me anyhow…

So, there will be schemes and dreams
Many people from many lands writers, sailors,
Knights and kings and nobles, joining in,
In an adventure sung by the many,
Far and wide and of its native land.

Some dreams never fade away, like love,
When this one is gained with a surge of power,
As a remembrance of origins for the dreamers,
About a maiden and the love of my red dragon,
Reborn, rethought, redreamed.


We begin an arduous quest, All of us must,
Believing we are on the enlightened path,
To find this magical fantastical creature,
And save him from the non-believers,
Simply by writing about him.

The dream vivid with a new dimension
Bursting with ripest imagination,
Of fortune and glory, only this one,
Is a red dragon and a saint, a winged angel,
An adventure that may never be forgotten.

Will you help me save the red dragon?
His name is Willy, and he is Welsh and,
He is intelligent, he reads and writes!

Because you must help me write this story,
Join me by adding sentence word or phrases,
Take picture or even suggestions, tracks,
Just anything and I will update the story
Every week.
We share it when we are finished.

Please won’t you help me save him…

Thank you.

Sleeping on a dragon's hoard with greedy dragonish thoughts in his heart, he had become a dragon himself. ~ C S Lewis

Sleeping on a dragon’s hoard with greedy dragonish thoughts in his heart, he had become a dragon himself. ~ C S Lewis

6 thoughts on “Red Dragon Believers

  1. You are amazing, Catnip. I guess the story begins when Willy was born. How he came to power in his day, is not fully known. What is known, is he was transported in the pouch of a legionnaire on his long march to the isle of Briton, where Rome would bring the people of the emerald isles under the rule of Rome, by the point of their short sword. The Legionnaire, while in the land to become Wales, stashed the dragon egg, he mistook for a magic stone, in a well and covered the well to disguise its location. He never returned. Willy lay dormant in the well, alive, but asleep in his shell. For how long we must guess for we cannot tell. All we know for sure is Willy’s role in what happened when Rome fell away and the many tribes or the Norsemen, Saxons, Angles, Picts, Celts and others all claimed their share of what Rome left and the wars begun.


      • Post away dear Catnip! I think your brilliant and artistic mind will give this tale a new life. I can offer insights into wee Willy Nilly because I’m sure there is a common pedigree between he and his Welsh siblings. He shares his memory with me when I can catch him in those moments when he isn’t leaping around in the tall grass chasing butterflies or napping. 🙂


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