What I Love About You…continued


I lay here in the grass,
All afternoon,
Listening to your songs and writing,
Taking deep breaths,
I love what you write.

Hearing the words on the page,
I can feel the words of your heart beating,
Beating on the page as I read you.

My pulse races, when I think of you,
Turning the pages,
I taste the silence of the world,
I can taste every word,
And my anxiety take over.

Words so wonderful, reminding me of you,
Of secret songs not meant for anyone,
Of this world,
To know; but it’s a shame not to love.
You write just for you, I love that,
These things you love.
I do too.

And that’s what I love about you.

Thank you.
I Love you.

~ to be continued

6 thoughts on “What I Love About You…continued

  1. You have been busy. I had time to write one. One more day of work and four days off. Tomorrow morning after my night shift I will send the book. Have fun and be safe. I’m a Army man myself. Too many days on the Navy ship can be hard on a man. Thank you for your positive and entertaining poetry and thoughts.


    • I reblogged the one from this morning. Outstanding Captain my Captain. Been feeling kinda of poorly too. I tripped going down the stairs, carrying a bundle of towels. Ruby ran between my feet and i fell, hit my head, My ears are running like water, draining fluid. its clear. hurts. I’m ok though. i had a job offer. decent. Had to do an updated resume. I didnt think my “About Me” on my blog would go over so well. haahaha


      • I hope you are okay? Draining fluid from ears sound serious. Good luck on the job. I dislike my job but I like the money. I tell people. Work is work and fun is fun. Two different things.


      • There is a small start up company who who purchased millions to pennies on the dollar of the close out inventory for a luxury decorators warehouse who closed their doors the owners retired late last year. The investors daughter is engaged to my son and the daughter referred me to her mom out of the blue. Luxury high end designer outlet store of exquisite home decorating goods. Plus They will have designers that will decorate rich people houses at holidays and event and a teams to hang Christmas lights, a million dollar industry hidden. They need a person to set up and launch their retail store with registers, and POINT OF SALE, inventory systems and launch and start their social media. They used to be open only 2 months a year and each earn more money in 2 months that I make all year. Its fun and work at the same time.


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