How Could I Ever Forget



“I’m coming.” I replied,
Not looking at him, while clutching
At the last moments of him.

He moved away, starboard deck
To where he became a dim shadow,
The fog around him was suffused,
With a golden glow.

The air was like it was made of mirrors
That refracted the light in unexpected ways,
Without saying a word,
I went to him.

He offered me a length of chain,
Silently we pulled together to raise,
The anchor and the chain was heavy,
Despite the cold, I was sweating.

Below, in the water, the anchor and chain
We were making soft splashes,
In our passion, a silence that was broken,
By the sound of the ship’s company.

We peered into the dark water,
Whispered a low oath. “Merde, another.”
I looked over his shoulder, instant lust,
To where we hovered above the dark abyss.

He quivered slightly as I struggled
To bear his weight, droplets of water,
He splashed gently against my hips,
Returning love that night, right there,
On the deck of that ship.

How could I ever forget…
Just remembering, how I loved you.
And I still do.

4 thoughts on “How Could I Ever Forget

  1. Lovely. The word merde is used in the dance world as a phrase of good luck:). In other words, before going on stage or on cards attached to flowers – one says merde:)


    • Thank you for the translation meaning. I wasn’t sure, but i thought it might be appropriate on a ship since they were embarking. I wasnt sure.


      • Ironically the word merde means f@ck, which as a young kid and dancer I always thought was funny. I still do actually;). Can you imagine – being 14 years old and getting ready to go stage and the director says – merde kim!


      • terrifying, dismissed of the fact that i am not a dancer nor will i ever be graceful. heck, i cannot even do a summersalt. I guess I will always be Just a good ole tomboy at heart. BTW…your hilarious, love both sides of you too. I’ll be Back Later. see i can go find something to get into. hehehe


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