Meet Carl, the bad kitty cat


My Carl, meet my newest,
A cat from hell,
A grey-stripped tabby
Short hair cat.
Grey-green and black eyes
Short, soft fur, But
His Character
Is that of a bad boy.

He made my calico run away.
I loved her, He’s mean,
More than anything.
In the world.

Carl has a bad attitude
Scratched us sometimes, but,
Not really bad, just annoying
I wanna whack him,

He started acting weird.
Peed in my purse and on J’s backpack
And on his carpet,
I can’t take him anywhere.
If something happens,
I blame it on him.

Also he hissed at me so
I threatened to take him
To the pound.

So then he behaved for
A few days, so sweetly,
He did.
That’s my Carl. Yep,
He Carl, the bad kitty cat.

~ Report to be continued -daily

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