If I had the power
That I could protect you,
From all of the injustices,
That could befall.

But what I do have to do,
My hands are yours to hold,
To feel the warmth of my palm,
Hold you in my grasp.

My body is to shield you
From falling and hurt,
Cascading words,
And descending storm.

And kind words that cushion,
And quiet of the mind.
Heal your wounds,
But all I can do is try.

To ease the pain,
And I will cry with you,
If you only let me,
And I will remember you,

I miss you.

Love, M

2 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. “Trying to forget really doesn’t work. In fact, it’s pretty much the same as remembering. But I tried to forget anyway, and to ignore the fact that I was remembering you all the time.”


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