There Be Red Dragons in Wales



A guest write submitted by Willy Nilly To and Fro at

And I think Red Dragons really existed
In Wales hundreds of years ago.

The red Welsh dragon “Y Ddraig Goch”
Owes its origins to folklore,
And Arthurian legend.

Originating from a serpent,
Representing the Welsh God Dewi.

The Celtic King Arthur was said to had a dream
About a red dragon, symbolically representing Wales,
It slayed the white dragon; the Saxon invaders.

As such, the beloved red dragon
Has always represented the defiant Welsh,
An icon of Wales’s unique cultural,
And historic heritage and proud.

An ancient nation that has long survived
External threat, protected by the Welsh dragon
It’s motto, “Y Ddraig Goch a ddyry Gychwyn”
Meaning “The red dragon will show the way”.

Red Dragons are mischievous, cheeky,
Whimsical, dreamy and sometimes naughty,
Dragons are like that you know.

I believe there be dragons, both good,
And bad, older than recorded history,
From every culture, in every land,
With colors that indicate origin,
And true nature.

Red dragons are the most sought after though
Because they represent good fortune,
And everyone needs to have one.

A dragon is a constant companion
If you believe, they will follow you around,
And believe me, they will,
If you come and see them,
They are happy to take you anywhere,
That is the Red Dragon motto.

2 thoughts on “There Be Red Dragons in Wales

  1. Magnificently done Catnip. The world owes much to the inspiration these mystical creatures have empowered the spirit with. If anything can represent the Yin and Yang that extends from mankind to the universe itself, it could be the dragon, great and small, East or West. For the Western world, the Welsh dragon is the finest example of how the dragon is all things that empower and protect the kingdom and its people by uniting them as a single entity more powerful than one or a combination of a few of its parts. Willy now stands more firmly erect and proud than he has in recent memory. We thank you for this. *Wee Dragon Hugs*


  2. It was your words and thoughts…thank you. I believe the red dragon is an ideal. Not so much as a beast, but a metaphor for the fire for the believers in faith and strength, hope and leadership and empowerment. That is what I think and I Thank you for your inspiration. Truly. Love, Catnip


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