Call for justice



These 10 puppies were discovered in a crate along a Springton, Texas road Wednesday morning while nursing off its dead mother after it was shot in the head, according to the Parker County Sheriff.

If they had been old enough to fully open their eyes, they’d have seen their mother lying in a pool of blood.

Authorities in Texas are hoping to cage the person, or people, responsible shooting a mother dog in the head and leaving its body in a crate to nurse its blood-spattered puppies.

The extremely disturbing scene was reported to deputies Thursday morning by a school bus driver who saw the dog lying inside the bloody cage along a Springton road, according to the Parker County sheriff.

When animal control officers arrived they discovered the dog not only lying in a pool of its own blood, but 10 squirming puppies trying to nurse from its lifeless body.

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21 thoughts on “Call for justice

  1. this is heartbreaking, these helpless creatures, sweet puppies. These animals we take for pets love us unconditionally and sickens me to learn of the abusive treatment they received by humans ( a term I use loosely in this case). My heart just breaks for those sweet little faces.


      • I don’t speak my opinion very often. I understand mistakes and accidents, they happen. Its wrong to finger point at those, but when it comes to bullying, premeditated evil, deliberate destruction or harm, and pure meanness. I will have a voice. Thank you.


      • thankfully there are those who will speak out and fight against atrocities such as this, I am haunted by those sweet little puppy faces…who could do that?


      • a monster psychopath who needs a lobotomy, a straight jacket, a padded cell in a run down dilapidated haunted insane asylum in upstate New York to be hosed down daily as a reminder. Death would be a vacation.


  2. Reblogged this on hansstellingsma and commented:
    als je mensen leert kennen ga je van dieren houden …….dit gedrag maakt me mezelf schamen om een mens te zijn . verschrikkelijk 😦


  3. i clicked like but well, there aint a dislike button so…lol but not funny really sad, to no matter what extent the owners thought up. cuz well i know i have had pups that lewked as that breed and well the mom jest killed all the puppies, one really never knows, the owner might have had a pup like that on the firrst litter round… but even if so well i believe i would have taken the aminal to the huimane society to deal with , thats simply cruel an unusual punishment 😦 . …. good da little puppies wer’nt part of the kill… and thewy were given a chance. take care. Q


      • good 🙂 this is great lol…:) well they got something i haven’t got in 5years lol.oh well such as life, is so good to hear they wil do fine i hate animal and people abuse 🙂 have a good one Q


      • i’d settle for 2 lol.. yeah she turned witch on me , my angel right …what a crime oh well, as i got to move on writing a piece bout that right now i am going to publish bout not being able to fix “CRAZY” or others …thanks ….fer da laugh i kinna needed one 🙂 Q


  4. Its beyond reason. only a monster could do something like this. This individual is not just guilty of abuse but a violent felonious act of cruelty. In cold blood. 1st degree murder, unlawful killing that was both willful and premeditated.


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