Moving on


I am accepting personal responsibility
For who I am, you know, for instance,
The reality is that I have to face the truth,
The truth of my actions, of my delusions,
Knowing you don’t love me.

If my words have somehow hurt you,
Somewhere along the way,
Sorry I was not your Caitlin.
And I know you don’t care for me,
In a loving way, like you did her,
I tried to ignore it, cried about it,
But no longer am I able to deny it.

So I must immediately admit my faults
And face the reality of my actions,
An apology of releasing the ideals,
Of a lasting relationship, no baby or family,
That you never wanted it to happen,
You did, just not with me.

Time can repair just about anything,
But I will never completely heal,
Never my heart and with no excuses,
Except I was guilty for loving you,
Maybe a little too much.

This silence has been too long
So instead I will simply apologize,
And move on and so I say goodbye J.

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