The Walk Home ~ Chapter 2.4


Honey Bunny & Me, Book 2 ~Chapter 4
A romantic novel by Caitlin to Jim Bob
As was told to me.
A collaborative work in progress.


Continued from


The Walk Home


He walked her home, at the door
She ran her hand gently over,
The back of his hand nervously,
Obviously taking hold,
Before looking back to him,
With a gentle smile.

“Your gorgeous,” He blinked his eyes upwards
In her direction obviously no holding back,
Not approaching her any further,
“Well anytime…you, if need someone,
To keep you company, a place to stay,
I’d be more then happy to.”

He replied in a gentle tone watching
As she smiled softly at him,
Watching him for a moment longer,
She turned around before glancing back,
Over her shoulder with a gentle curiosity.

She did not have a home to go to,
And the place she was staying,
Was not exactly…the safest, and he knew,
He knew she could take care of herself but…”

She paused as he grinned deviously at her
Giving his head a shake,
Her face turned a bright shade of red ,
Once more before she disappeared.

Leaning up against the door she listened
To his laugh as he left. “Pervert…” both laughing,
Under her breath, she still feeling the heat,
Flush onto her face. He did too.

What he was thinking… She had to admit
She had to think about it, where to live,
And could have taken what he said,
In different direction that it made her,
Return to her thoughts.

He looking back at her room
Before his eyes trailed upwards,
To the only illuminated window.

He watched, her silhouette appeared
Behind the curtain. “You’re very complicated…”
He thought to himself looking up at her as he arched,
His brow high, giving a slight laugh,
Thinking that was just one of the reasons,
It’s why he liked her so much.

~ to be continued

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