What I Love About You….continued


I have to admit if I were closer
That softly I would watch you,
I love it when, you work hard all day,
You make me proud, so smart.

When you tell me about your day
And everything.

A funny story one, how a bird dive bombed
Stealing your breakfast in the park,
Today, true story. And we both just laugh,
For hours. We’re silly that way.
It’s what I love that about you.

Sometimes you smile at me, for no reason,
Before you let your smile fade slowly,
From your face, I see your head down, diligently,
Into work, your hideaway, and retreat,
Sometimes a bit further in than I’d like.

But it’s the distance that makes it difficult,
To see you and not at work too; If only,
I had the chance. I would distract you,
I know I would try.

Then in the middle of the day,
For no reason at all, you will stop,
And with a voice that leaves me flinching,
Slightly biting my lip knowing it’s you,
It was your voice, coming from nowhere
Just to stop, ask me about my day.

Impatient, obviously and gently,
Knowing already, and ask me anyway,
And that’s what I love about you.

I love you.
Thank you.

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