Be your anchor mine


It was once believed that the anchor
Only belonged to ships on the sea,
Along with sailors, seamen, and navy,
Who sailed deep blue seas and oceans.

But an anchor does more than hold a ship steady
It’s design is to camouflage, a sign,
Of shelter, the symbol of luck, love, and the Cross,
From protection against the dangers of,
A raging sea, from peril to safe harbor,
Simply, it a symbol for safe passage.

When an anchor puts down deep, it’s to hold me,
The ship too, as it holds our lives in a place,
With strength and stability as a reminder,
To hold onto life no matter how rough the storm,
No matter how hard it may get out there,
That no struggle can uproot me.

Stay, no matter the challenge emotionally,
That my faith is so profound and so significant,
To know that I am the anchor for you, and if,
You should ever need me, I would let you,
Hold on to me for the rest of your life and mine,
To be your anchor, always.

Thank you for holding on.

I Love You.

8 thoughts on “Be your anchor mine

  1. “Hold on to me for the rest of your life and mine,
    To be your anchor, always.’
    All of need a anchor. Someone to tell us we are going to be okay. A beautiful poem.


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