Life Above the Mat ~ Hallelujah


Life above the Laundry-O-Mat
At the Suds and Duds,
It can be interesting,
Occasionally, enough.

I live above the Laundry-O-Mat
Still here, waiting for my lover,
In a rented and remodeled flat,
It’s alright I guess,
I’ll show you sometime.

I Waited for Jim Bob Chuck,
He came over, my boyfriend,
He has three first names.

Tonight he sang Hallelujah,
A serenade, Leonard Cohen style,
On a six string guitar humming,
Beautifully sad and so slowly,
And he sang it so sweetly.

I didn’t know all the words,
But Hallelujah, I swear,
In the hat that he wore.

And yes, I would do ya
After this, even,
A fourth, and a fifth,
With a major lift,
If he asked me,

How could I refuse, I could not resist
I live above the Laundry-O-Mat,
I wanted him, so I said, “yes,”
“More,” I said, and we laughed.

Upstairs to my flat, “your cute, I said,
It’s the first time, I heard of that,
I’d never seen anything like it,
And that’s all I know about that.

My name is Caitlin
And I live above the Laundry-O-Mat,
Life here, and well,
It ain’t so bad.

42 thoughts on “Life Above the Mat ~ Hallelujah

      • Reality is watching people in hospital and doctors’ waiting rooms, especially my Neurologist/Surgeon. Thank goodness for Atterall and JD#7)))))))))


      • Before they removed my thyroid completely, I had experienced minor seizures, uncontrollable urges to buy&hoard, and flashbacks often with relatively minor stressors in daily life, Life before Twins. Afterwards, 90% went away, now he tests regularly for Parkinson&Alzheimer’s, runs on Moms side of male population, dang Dutchmen, overachievers)))) Nothing major, just scared them and Family, so now peace of mind and reduce fears of my Kids. Plus I have a great one from Cuba&Russia descent, what a character. We’re buddies now.


      • Marine creed, never leave a man behind, especially yourself)))) Sorry to hear about husband.(( I showed early symptoms and weird wiring, but so far, just senior moments no more seizures or odd behaviors since thyroid cut out and becoming a Mute.)) Blessed with strong heart, hard head and not having enough sense to slow down to get sick again.)))))) Now I have everyone monitoring me toooooooooo closely. I assure them I’m not going until the Boss upstairs calls my name or trades me away for a better deal))))))))))))))))


      • Not weird you know from experience it’s a good thing about life when it comes to us today you on my mind. To this I bid you peace of mind, love and hope and prayer.


      • I thank you so much for the warm thoughts and prayers. I had a good weekend with my Kiddies and wonderful visit per technology with all my Kids and Grands yesterday. After Mass, enjoyed pancake breakfast with new parish people. Girlies were the stars, as usual, people amazed they’re only 2 yrs old.(I am amazed everyday, slowly understand that they are wired differently than my own Twins were, I think some days they’re Vulcans)
        Hope you had a good weekend and a great day I wish you today.)))))))))))


      • You, too. We’re introducing the Kiddies to World Cup Football and College World Series Baseball. Little cheerleaders have so many questions. thank goodness Nephew has so much patience helping to explain things. I think we’re inventing own version of sign language))))))))


  1. Catnip,

    “Life Above the Mat ~ Hallelujah”, wonderful and charming. Your words absolutely uplifting in spirit. After reading you work, it left me thinking about all my experiences at the Laundromat (none of which were nearly as grand as yours), and thinking about one of my favorite Rory Gallagher songs, “Laundromat”, of course no relation to your words. However, I would like you to know, your words did put a huge smile on my face, Thank you!



    • “What do you think of that?
      I’m sleeping down at the laundromat
      If you should pass by be sure to drop my bag
      Come ’round and meet my friends
      They’ll be there with me right through to the end
      Right through to the end
      Right through to the end”
      ~Rory Gallagher

      Delighted and thanks for the follow. And your blog is incredible.I almost fainted. I just looked Rory up. Pretty good, and I didn’t even know about that. Thank you for sharing him. Hey, I heard there is a new Broadway musical out called Laundrymat. Thank you again.


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