Why I Love You…continued


There is that one person, one reason
Who fills my mind day and night,
Who is always there, the first thing,
And the last thing on my mind,
As I fade from the edges of
Consciousness, drifting off.

When I wake up, your face rises with me
To the surface of my every thought,
Like the morning outside my window.

I imagine you laying there,
In a pile of cozy blankets,
Your eyes closed but your mind awake,
And that someone’s name, drifting through,
Your mind, I hope it’s mine.

With invisible threads, the corners
Of your mouth turn into content smiles,
And it stays on your lips far longer,
Than any other waking thought.

And that is how I think of you
Before I close my eyes at night,
And when I wake up.

It’s Why I love you,
If I’m not very much mistaken,
It’s your smile, I love,
And you.

Thank you.
I Love You.

~to be continued

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