Go Missing

Looking back at it all
If I repeat myself,
I’m sorry,
It’s not all my fault,
But on the other hand,
Maybe it is.

When you travel all the way,
If you have ever been denied,
Not as much as a hello, suddenly
All the love had seems lost,
And affection has gone missing.

The feeling of being unwanted,
When fear and doubt set in,
It makes me feel undesired,
That I should check again…

How could I have missed
Your signal,
Was I that blind…
When I was only asking,
For your approval,
How could I not know.

It’s alright,
You don’t have to answer
Maybe, I guess I was wrong,
To think that we could be,
My heart better off not knowing,
Saved from another heartbreak.

But I think the worst is
When you say, “Yes”
And really you meant, “No”
When I showed up,
When you closed the door,
When you were never there,
When I was never wanted,
When all I ever wanted was you,

16 thoughts on “Go Missing

  1. “When you say, “Yes”
    And really you meant, “No”
    Words can make us or break us. I wonder how often do people seek true happiness? A powerful poem for thoughts.


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