Into Her Hands

Inherently, her body recoiled at his touch,
Probing deeper into her, it was love,
Into the warm, glutinous, glistening, mixing,
Of intoxicating waves of inner excitement.

He surged through her, rendering her powerless
She lay as if mesmerized, physically entranced,
By the pleasurable sensations rippling wildly.

And then he’d taken her hand and placed it
On his naked hardness, his hand covering hers,
Enclosing her hands around his immense.

She had him compulsively tight, feeling it
It’s hot rigidness giving slightly with pressure,
Hearing him, feeling him gasp excitedly against her,
The sounds of her own breathing filling the room.

Realizing surprisingly the enormity of him
An anticipating thrill of delight raced through her,
Never had she dreamed that he would be so manly,
At the touch, her fingers could barely encircle.

And suddenly, aware that she was stroking him
Massaging the thickness back and forth,
To the same rhythm deep inside her moistness,
Even encouraged him beyond that point.

Their bodies trembled passionately, hungrily,
In the enchantment of the moment, blissfully,
And in her hand with every stroke, was his maddening.

Pleasure-inciting thrusts, sweet and clutching,
Releasing his throbbing, erect of flesh,
Beautifully, unbelievably in the maleness of him,
Unto her hands he gave her himself,
And on that special night,
They consummated the wedding vow.

5 thoughts on “Into Her Hands

  1. I wondered if it was too sensual to post here. I was kind of in the mood after all that dancing the other day and was looking for Jim Bob but i couldn’t find him anywhere. so i wrote this just in case he showed up. And he did. He wrote to me.


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