Why I Love You ~ Diamonds

It takes millions of years
To make a diamond,
Formed from the metamorphism of coal,
It’s how diamonds are made.

They are as old the earth
Formed in the mantle and crust,
Delivered to the surface,
By deep-source volcanic eruption,
Weathered and eroded in sedimentary,
Of stream and coastlines.

They require very high temperatures
And great pressure over time,
Like you, a diamond is something,
Of a legend in the making.

And my heart is like a diamond,
It has multiple facets too,
In one I can see myself,
In the other it’s how I see you.

Undoubtedly, I know you need me,
And I, need you just as much,
Erupting, hot and weathered,
Ancient, and always there.

It’s why I love you, like I do,
I just do.

Thank you,
I Love You.

~to be continued

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