Be my honey for my life ~ chapter 2.4


Honey Bunny and Me

Honey Bunny just realized he was in love,
Wanted her forever, but he did not want to be called
Honey Bunny anymore, but his real name; John.
He was growing up, and he was in love
Lost in her love, walking home, he skipped.
He remembered the songs he sang to her…

“And how sometimes i cry
Then sometimes we laugh,
How sometimes i sit staring,
Into space, loving missing you.”

How come she is always on my mind
Wondering do you live for me, as I for you,
Forever wondering for me,
Are you still there.

He pondered, about love and everything
Why do we have visions of you,
Constantly, unable to breath without,
I miss you my kitten, he thought,
It’s because I love you so much.

Why did we watch the time
Did it worry itself sick…
What it is to wonder if the world,
Belong to us, and how do we know,
If it was made for me and you.
You my true love, how did you know,
How did you ever find me.

When does someone share them self
And who decides if it’s love,
When do we settle into their life,
Or do they come to us…
What defines us?

And why do we mumble when we love
When does love become love,
And when is Love comfortable.

I restlessly stir,
A life once divided,
Together at last,
No worries,
Cuddled and

~ to be continued

7 thoughts on “Be my honey for my life ~ chapter 2.4

  1. “And why do we mumble when we love
    When does love become love,
    And when is Love comfortable.”
    when two people accept the good and bad of each other than take the wild ride to freedom and happiness. Lucky folks find this and keep hopping.


    • You know who and what this story is about. To thy own self be true…true means to be loyal to be your best. Taking care, that it’s your way, how you take care of others. There is wisdom in the words you both speak, I’m deeply impressed with you words , you have perfected the art of protecting your interests as seemingly virtuous, and your method of being “true” is so lovely to me. Sighs…


      • One day. The honey can be too tempting. Will the sweet taste of the honey bind two people together? Can two different highways find peace in each others arms? The questions are difficult to answer without good coffee, long walks and digging deep in the unknown. Want and need can be bury and if revived. It need a place to grow and expand. I don’t fear the kiss. I fear the separation.


      • I need to be a part of his life. Our connection has been somewhat of a phenomenon or perhaps an enigma to me. And it make me just wonder what the planets and the galaxy was doing on the day we met. I know the universe approved. The only thing I fear is being away from him. It’s time.


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