Just kiss me

My dreams dancing in my head
Sliding its way past the windows
So near to my breast.

Beneath your angel wings
Wrapping you around me,
To my beating heart
Sweet kisses upon my lips
Redness at the edge of my vision
Tears falling from my eyes

A realization dawning
The time is near, from
Memories to happiness
I want you forever
Lost in your love
And happy.
Kiss me.

5 thoughts on “Just kiss me

  1. Sweet kiss and embrace. Wanting someone who need you. Paradise for the lucky. Sweet kiss make sweet dreams fall into proper place. Love should rise and never fall. Real love fight till the end.


    • We breathe the same air, your kisses are mine and mine are yours, There is no separation, nothing between us, I do not even know where you begin or where I end. just one body.


  2. Of course, my lovely import man. twerk twerk, waving hands in air, clap, clap, stomp right, stomp left, shuffle left foot, shuffle right foot, twerk and repeat! How’s that?

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