Why I Love You- About Honor


When you honor
The words we say,
I could not think,
Of a greater virtue.

Like the first time
I met you, I knew,
You were the kind,
To break hearts,
Both left and right.

But I didn’t care
I wanted you,
To try and let you,
Break mine,
Because I knew it,
That you’d be worth it.

I was right,
It’s why I love you,
As much now,
As I did then,
No, I think I love you more
Now, I don’t know why,
I just do.

Thank you,
I Love You.

15 thoughts on “Why I Love You- About Honor

  1. Honor, love and respect. I learn real love is given freely and without fear. When we learn to cherish another life and dreams. You know love. Easy to forget what love was made with. A beautiful poem.


    • Virtue is as vertu, from Old French word taken from Latin virtūs, it means manliness, courage, from a virtuous man. Practicing my Scrabble words. Thank you Darling Amy.


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