No More Worrying ~ Chapter 2.5



Honey Bunny and Me, Book 2 ~ Chapter 5

But perhaps there’s less pain in forgetting
Dreaming is easier than storing memories,
It’s like to be nowhere, anywhere at all.

So one will distort space and time
It’s the virtue of it’s matter,
While trying to find your own place,
Listening to the heartwarming stories,
Of other peoples happiness, and it
Bringing out a sadness.

It’s hard to become a person of account
This is a version of me being true to myself,
I tend to feel I am mixed with some good,
Regardless, of my being alone so much of the time,
It cannot be the best thing for any one.

But if true love does really exist
And in the end, will I be rewarded,
At times failure seems to me to be the only way,
What will it prove if consistent in theory,
I will only know for sure, if she returns.


And suddenly, there was a knock on the door…

“I came here to see if you were actually sick,
It is obvious that you aren’t, Sweetie Pie said.
“So I see you decide to return,
I can handle being a hero by myself for a while;
As John Bunny perked up.

“Look, it’s not like that…
I’ve been feeling a bit off lately,
If I went to work now,
I would probably make more of a mess,
“I have not been getting the best of sleep lately.”

And it appears you have refused to feed yourself.

Johns eyes open in surprise,
Looking down at his body,
And turning his head to examine,
His entire form to see for any changes.

He couldn’t really tell. He has been eating,
but not like he should.

Most of the space in his stomach was empty,
Some was occupied by beer and some random scraps,
Of food he could find,
Since leaving the house for groceries,
Was kind of out of the question.

She put a two comforting fingers over his temples
And started to rub at them furiously.
She had planned to come back for him,
When he finally got out of this rut,
This is exactly what he did not want to happen,
When people worry, and Try to figure out what was wrong.

“If you are having any trouble with anything,
You should know by now that holding it in,
is not good for you right?”
She said suddenly,

“That’s what you told me several times.
Regardless of the situation,
You do not have to be forced to go through,
Whatever you are struggling with alone,
You have friends for a reason…”

John whispered, the words slipping out of his mouth,
From pure amazement from his words being restated.

“For one second didn’t you ever think
That some people were afraid of losing you somehow?”
She asked. Feeling his heart stop for a moment.

“For you to be absent for so long was unnerving,
Nothing seemed the same, and even I will admit,
I have lost some sleep trying to figure out how,
To even approach you with this.”

The only thing you can do when you are worried though
Is confront it head on.

She sighed and ran a single hand through his hair
And he smiled faintly, taking in his words,
Letting them run through his mind.

He then outstretched an arm to Sweetie Pie
Around her shoulders, bringing her in,
For a one armed hug. She hugged him too.

John patted his friend on the shoulder
And they both laughed.

“All right, I get it… No more worrying.”
Come in the kitchen, I will cook you breakfast.
With honey, John replied… Sweetie Pie answered,
“Yes” with honey and all you can eat too.

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