Points of Purpose

The point of life is to love with purpose
With your mind, to be of moral excellence,
With goodness and righteous efforts, that you are,
To know what to do, what is right in your heart,
And this time, and for the last time,
When your love came into my life,
You accepted me as a gift, it was not a question,
Or a choice as some may think.
Taking it all in, conforming your life to mine,
To do it in good conduct to the moral sense,
And with the ethical principles of creation,
With your perception of spirituality,
To be of good character and faithful, of admirable quality,
You never gave up on me, believing in me all the way,
For the the one who holds this virtue of compassion,
And with acceptance and generosity, this point of light
Is the one who holds my heart and is my true Love,
You are the love of my life, and our purpose,
It’s why I love you.
I just do.

Thank you for loving me so much.

~ to be continued

For my Jim Bob Chuck
Who wanted to know what was the point.

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