Why I Love You ~ Missed


When I embrace you, I do it
With every ounce of my strength,
I am just a girl who missed you,

Now into my arms I wrap, cuddling you
Until there isnothing left to hug,
Simply melting into me and I you.
Let’s enjoy this embrace,
For as long as we possibly can.

In our tears as we sob, together
I can’t help but love your arms around me,
I will do my best to console you, but,
When I miss you, sometimes,
It’s so bad, I miss you before,
Even before you are gone.

But nothing of that matters now
I told you I would come back,
And for now, we are here,
Lovers amongst friends,
It’s where we belong.

This grip will never release you again
Only to give you room to breathe,
Not remembering exactly what happened,
But I reassure you I will not,
Leave you again.

Rest your weary head upon me
The one who has been patiently waiting,
The very one, why I am committed
To loving you.

In this hidden emotion overflowing
That only we could understand why,
I wipe your tears, tenderly kiss your lip,
No more waiting; It’s why I love you,
Don’t cry, I just love you,
I just do.

Thank you.

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