Life Above the Mat ~ Carl


This is Carl celebrating
He’s coming with me,
To the new London Launderette,
He is my watch cat,
The one named fluffy,
I found in the dryer.

He turned out to be a tom
So I name him Carl,

Carl likes to drink beer
While watching the rats chew wires,
On the washing and dryer machines,
There he’ll sit, sipping,
On a Bud Light,
It’s his entertainment.

He doesn’t like Jim Bob much,
Carl thinks Jim Bob steals
His beer, and I say,
Nonsense Carl,
Jim Bob has his own.

See how happy Carl is…
I love him so much,
So I shipped him,
But, I had to bribe him first.

So how did I convinced him?
With a Harley Tee and a beer.

Say bye bye Carl.

5 thoughts on “Life Above the Mat ~ Carl

  1. Carl might be just a wee bit jealous of Jim Bob. I’d watch out for that Carl — you just never know with him.


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