Life Above the Mat- Sold

Laundromat Romance, Medford Oregon Photography


Life above the Laundry-O-Mat
At the Suds and Duds,
It can be interesting,
Occasionally, enough.

I live above the Mat
But not for long, I sold it,
It’s where met my boyfriend,
I fell in love with Jim Bob there,
That’s how we met,
He said I needed to do more,
More than just one load at time.

Today I sold the Suds and Duds
I no longer own the Laundry-O-Mat,
Instead I am the new owner of…
Pub-Laundry-O-Matic Launderette In London,
Close to where Jim Bob Chuck lives at.

The Import man and I traded locations
You know he is the washer-dryer consultant,
Or something like that, the salesman,
Says he’s a consultant, but I don’t know,
He wanted to buy my Indiana Laundry,
And my home above the Mat.

He showed me his cash, folded neatly,
From a laundry bag, so sweetly,
I could not believe it.

And I said, “What do you think this is,”
A bank or something like that, I said,
“I can’t do that, taking laundered cash,
It’s not legal,” I said.
Stomping one foot.

You need to show me more than that
Then, he clapped and smiled and repeated,
“It’s a good deal,” he said,
And I just laughed.

So I told him, “Hey Import man,”
“I own the flat and the Laundry-o-mat,
Trade me your Launderette and London flat,
Looking for nothing outside of that.” I said,
I can’t do no cash only deals.

When I told him that, he laughed,
Then we did the deal together,
Import man accepted my offer,
I got the London Pub Launderette and flat,
And all his cash, and I was happy,
All My girlfriends just watched,
And Jim Bob Chuck was so relieved,
He gets his Laundry and beer for free,
Kind of, he’ll have me…ha ha ha!

How about it, it’s the first time
I’d ever seen anything like that,
But it made us happy, we laughed,
And that’s all I know about that.

So life goes on, moving to London soon
Life above the new Launderette,
It ain’t so bad, because I love Jim Bob,
And he loves me and it feels good too,
To have someone and something like that,
If you know what I mean.

I Love You Jim Bob Chuck!

See you soon!

34 thoughts on “Life Above the Mat- Sold

      • locked and “loaded” in my recliner. Sis making sure kiddies know I can’t run around with them today, no matter how much I’d love to do so. Uncle George’s resting day


      • I have a wonderful friend on Twitter that is coercing me back into writing again. Funny, at times, it feels easier to express myself in German than English. She understands it and speaks some, and is practicing to improve her writing skills. In English, she does just fine.
        I have to work a little harder if I don’t have a prompt or idea, but last week or so has helped considerably. I still don’t consider myself a poet by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I hope she will let me post some of our conversations. One sided, some wouldn’t make much sense. Emphasis on SOME.))))))


      • Just do want you want. its about how you feel. If you dont mind me saying, you have a built in prompt. people should write about how they feel or what they see every day, its what makes them unique and interesting. For you. to me it would be little short stories and poems and haiku’s about your little angels (family members) running around there that keeps you so busy and laughing all the time.


      • Advantage to being Friends, I know whatever you say, it’s in love and compassion and welcomed. Never tried haikus, I just write free form or it slows down my brain. I quit writing after losing first wife and son to a drunk driver. Everything came out ugly and hurtful, and that wasn’t the real me, only hurt and angry. Years have helped me adjust to tragedy and loss more humanly and less revengeful or just mad at world.
        I’ve been keeping a journal of my amazing Nieces and their life’s journeys so far. Even though I had two sets of twins, these have already outpaced their older cousins in language arts skills, math, thinking, memory, and planning talents. Friends and Family alike are amazed. Entered them into a research project collaboration between Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins. Lots of paperwork, but if it helps anyone, Sis said why not.
        Never thought of putting their antics down as art. have to talk with Sis. If she’s cool, maybe new source of ideas.
        Thank you for the prod, batteryless.


      • You amaze me, I am awed at your strength. No need to listen to me any way. Who am I to say. I apologize if i have overstepped the boundary. Be well my friend.


      • How could you ever overstep an imaginary boundary? If I call you Friend, there are no secrets, just parts of life that haven’t been shared yet. Never worry about apologies, you’ve never done anything wrong, nor do I ever expect that, even if WE are imperfect. I have learned much from you, even if I haven’t always mentioned it, senior moments. Sometimes my ideas are like lightning, one big flash, then GONE.))))))))))
        My dear sweet Friend, that’s why I love you the way you are, open, honest to a fault, and you say what you feel from one of the biggest hearts and souls I’ve known. You’ve taken lumps and survived and continue forward. I am so blessed to have met you and enjoy your company and all the interactions we have shared. Now if I was much younger and more agile, well that’s a conversation for another day.))))))) xxxxxxxxxxx))))))))))


      • I never want to hurt you or push you in any way. Sometimes i am bossy and just take charge. I tend to be an alpha she mum sometimes. But i love hearing about your day, these things seem like poetry to me. I miss having someone around, and little ones and enjoy your adventures just as good. It makes me feel a little more normal. I too am blessed to have you too. Thank you for your friendship and conversation.


      • You’re human, none of us are perfect, and I am nowhere near. Except to my Nieces, but they’re extremely biased and only 2, so not exactly independent.))
        We’ve been making mini round rainbows between showers in back yard. Good use for high stairs on back porch/sundeck. Great area to fly and watch reflection off lake)))))
        Front porch not option, disturbs our guests, the hummers.
        Girlies hoarse from World Cup excitement of Saturday and yesterday. Germany SAT and USA yesterday. They love all the colors of teams and crazies in attendance))))))
        Have a wonderful day, my Friend.
        And I have rhinoceros skin, had it before wives and kids came along, Bloodmobile people sometimes get flustered. Saved my bacon in Vietnam more than once after I made foolish mistakes in judgement.


      • Getting along having lived fearlessly now having had confirmation of more than one or two not really doing even anything. Sorry before because people into very first game USA again nothing of these more most much neither about watching soccer alongside although among around as at atop because before behind below. There is no more dreaded memory in my life than the mornings I had to get up before dawn to watch but once I made it with people from teaching their kids. Sometimes time had lost track when I came for the show fell asleep once again them feeling a lot more spontaneous than flustered. Diffs of change. See ya.


      • One guarantee in our lives, Change, indeed. Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. The less we, as nations of people, not necessarily as individuals, teach and learn from the past, the worse our collective futures will be. So many are in denial, some due to ideological differences, some just can’t worry or involve themselves any more, without going over one edge or the other. Sadly. But, life goes on and we adapt, swim or drown. Speaking of adapting, I just remembered I wanted to install bracket for big umbrella on my cane and wheelchair before I forget again. Paleskins can’t be out in sun for long at this age. ))))))))))))))


      • We need more butter. Oh my GOD! WHERE are we going to get more butter. Ruby went home with her mommy, House off market, no worries, not dealing with jumping and leaving every two hours. Too many new homes out here to deal with it. Son will live here and take care of it too. Its perfect. Keep water in the pool and he can take of rottweiler and the yard. I will be worry free.


      • Time for you to have less stress and more happy days and ME time, my Friend. You deserve it all. Indeed, you do. Time to spoil yourself and be spoiled.)))))))))


  1. Seems like a good deal, trading for a pub/laundromat in London and making a big re-start! I’m sure there are lots of interesting characters coming in for an ale and some suds. Then there’s that Jim Bob fellow…. 🙂


    • Yeah I may have got myself in over my head I don’t know. Maybe Harry will pop in for a pint. I’m hoping Jim Bob and I can do loads and put it away if you know what I mean.


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