She was looking at the flowers,
As her heart dropped a little,
Tears was urging to come out,
But this time they did not flow
She kept on walking,
Until she finally reached,
The place.

A cemetery.

Hugging the flowers,
She made her way down to the grave ,
Kneeling down beside it.

Her hand made its way to the grass
And she said, with a small smile,
“Good afternoon, poppet.

“I’m sorry I’m a bit late,
But I have come to say, goodbye
To you for sure, I’m happy,
I’ve met someone just as you wished,
This promise I would do.”

She paused for a while,
Just breathing before she continued,
Do you remember what you said,
Bring flowers when you find someone sweetie,
That’s why I bring you these,
And my promise fulfilled.

I will do my best to make him happy
As I did you, to the very end,
I promise, Goodbye.

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