To This Very Day ~ Chapter 2.6



~Continued…Honey Bunny and Me

“To This Very Day”

I have learned life is not fair
For those who have been abused,
That maybe they can be healed,
And that there are those like me
Who understand.

Even if I have never been abused physically
There are those who walked this same path,
I think we all have suffered from depression,
Sadness and anger from time to time,
In our lives.

I have found if we help others, we help ourselves
With lots of love, time and with compassion,
I met someone to love again and I know
There was a still little hurt inside,
The heart.

I was angry when I heard his story,
Not at him, but at the abuser,
I had to get over it,
I fell to the floor and didn’t get up,
For two days…it was there that I prayed,
And cried and fasted.

I knew then and there, that it was possible
To help, to do what I thought I never could,
For anyone. I had to convince him,
He was innocent.

The more I got to know him
The more I loved him,
With words of compassion and love,
The way he wrote back to me.

Then one day I remember the former life
Were things no more, insignificant
I think he taught me just a little bit,
Of how awesome life is, how it can be,
I think with love he healed himself,
And me just as much.

Because of me, he said, “suffering has eased
And the guilt nearly gone, convincing me
That he accepted that he was a victim and that,
He does not have to justify his past,
To anyone.

In fact we have found peace in overcoming
My only weakness is because I care,
We both found love again, and
Still loving to this very day,
It’s almost makes us feel if, we could be
Almost human.

~to be continued.

4 thoughts on “To This Very Day ~ Chapter 2.6

  1. I agree with the poem. We can heal. Hard to do and forget. Life is fair for the good people. We must stay hopeful and look for the goodness in our life.Sometime sweet words from a distance can save us. I do appreciate them.


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