Muse Unaware


“I noticed you reading my poetry,

From across the room, I said to him,

To this soldier, I hope I have not

Offended you.”

And he turned to me and replied,

“I am a Poet Soldier too,”

Can’t offend after 15 years of duty.

I was called names I can’t repeat.

My skin may be like leather,

But my heart is like pure sugar,

And lips, sweet as honey,

Although I battle for peace, I fight for love,

So, today I will write my story too,

“You wanted Paris and I wanted you.”

Your poetry gave me motivation today.

You were my muse unaware,

And inspiration and the reason why

I  love to write for you.


Inspiration is not entirely my own,
Borrowed from J.C.

9 thoughts on “Muse Unaware

  1. Absolutely soul touching. Brings back memories of returning to the US after a government sponsored cross country vacation in Southeast Asia. The soldier poet was right, I have a rhinoceros soul in addition to my real rhino skin ever since that time. Many more people claim offense than are actually offended in society. Tolerance is a multi pathed street, not just one-way, in my humble (and old) opinion.


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