Life Above the Mat ~ Flowers Daily


Life at the Launderette
With a new name; the Sultry Suds
It can be interesting,
Occasionally, enough.

I live above the Launderette now
It’s where I met my boyfriend,
Where I meet all my friends, and
My best friend, I fell in love there too.
Living above the Laundry.

It’s a place where we can share stories
And do more than just a load at time.
It’s a pub and suds, if you like to pop in,
To the Launderette for a wash and a buzz,
It’s close to where Jim Bob lives at,
He helps serve the drink and malt ales,
And helps for what other ails you might have.

But today, I have a new friend, permanently
It’s the Flower Sales Lady, she moved in, I think,
She grows roses and pink peonies somewhere,
Sales them on the corners and to shops, I don’t know,
Or something like that.

Says she is a Botanist, like a plant doctor
But I don’t know, if not why are her hands so dirty,
She wanted to give me some plants,
To put in the Sultry Suds Launderette.

So I asked her why, how much does free cost me
I will have to think about that, I said
After all, why would you give away flowers for free
It’s because I think she is living here, I said…
Don’t you think…

So I see you at the washing and drying machines
And neatly putting things into and from a laundry bag,
But I think you keep your dirt in there,
Maybe some seeds and flower pots too, I said.
So when she leave for the street, I go to look.
And I could not believe it. I see it.

Then I waited for her to come back
And I say, “Hey Flower Sales Street Doctor Lady,
And I said, “What do you think this is,”
Your back yard or something like that, I said,
“You can’t do that in here, take it outside,
Stop leaving your pots of dirt in here,
There are laws about filling wash machines with dirt in here,
So I grabbed her by the arm and she started crying.

She said she had no home, was living in the back,
Lost her home and family, nearly lost her life
Her back yard caved in after a flood, left a big sink hole, all she had was her flowers,
And the washing machine filled with dirt in it, a few pots,
And so I just cried, we cried together.

So I told her “Flower sales lady,”
“You can live here in back and keep dirt in that,
You can come and go as you want to,
But I still want free flowers you offered me,
Looking for nothing outside of that.” I said,
Just leave them here, some every day.

When I told her that, she laughed,
Flower Sales Lady aaccepted my offer,
Leaving the flowers here starting today,
Then I let her bring in dirt storing it,
As long as nobody saw her, she living here too,
And she was happy, So I gave her a lifetime
Laundry pass and beer for free, Kind of,
She’ll have to come to get it.

How about it, it’s the first time
I’d ever seen anything like that,
I never seen all that dirt in a wash machine,
And that’s all I know about that.

So life goes on, Life above the Launderette,
It ain’t so bad, because I love Jim Bob,
And he loves me and it feels good too,
To have someone and something like that,
Now she can dance, If you know what I mean.

20 thoughts on “Life Above the Mat ~ Flowers Daily

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Catnip. This is SO wonderful and cute and warms my Heart like the Sultry Suds. I LOVE THIS. The flower lady. Yes, Roses and Pink Peonies. Now this flower lady had access to a puter and yes, tomorrow, I do believe, those Sultry Petals called Peonies will be seen for all to see. And yes, I also do believe this flower lady has Catnip in the title bar. How about that? For a beer and free place to live, ya can’t beat that!


    • Well you are a part of the community now, you a compassionate soul so I had to go that way. Hoping you wouldn’t mind a professional woman who struggles with a past and personal stories with her flowers and how they keep her company, as if her family almost. Thank you


      • Oh no not at all. I really do struggle with a “past” and I really am a “professional” woman and I do relate life to flowers. It’s perfect, Catnip, all the way around. You are really something else!!! Thank you! Love, Amy


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  3. When I was 5 years old, I knew I wanted to be a ballerina. My parents did not have the monies to send me to school. My heart was broken in a million pieces. I danced throughout my teenage years, into my 20’s, at any place I could find. Then the dancing stopped due to a severe back injury in my early 30’s. Now today, I dance through photo and word. This day when I am on a photo shoot all alone, near a creek, I shall find a place to honor me, by dancing to the beat of Mother. Thank you, Catnip, for again posting something so perfect that fits me to a tee. The way you touch my Heart is incredible.


      • I asked God one day, what is the purpose of my Life if all I have overcome and all I have learned, just stays with me? My answer was to share what I have come to know, share who I am in who I have become, and to radiate out to the world, Love, Truth, and Beauty. And so, this I do, regardless of how weary I become, and believe me, I do. Every morning I am refreshed, renewed, and the fire in my Heart continues to burn. Thank you, Catnip, for saying what you do to me. It brings to my Heart a sense that I am seen, and I am respected for who I have become. I am really glad our paths have crossed. I think you are wonderful and beautiful in your own right. I “see” your Light and how it has grown. You make me smile. Again, I say thank you.


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