Power of the Pen

Powerful words can save us
The worst thing is watching
Someone drown and not being able
To convince them to write it down
That they can save themselves
By using the pen
To help stand them up.
It’s a good thing to write
To have other words and connections
To be able to be expressive
Whatever your style might be
Because you never know
When you might need to use them,
When that is all you got to cling to,
When you need those four little words
To save you.
“Let’s build a fort.”

13 thoughts on “Power of the Pen

  1. I so very much agree with this. For me, my blog is a lifeline. It is where I communicate, be myself without a mask, be with people I have much in common with and be with people I have come to truly care for. Being able to write what I feel – no matter what it is means so much I me. And when I say it is a lifeline I mean just that.


    • I totally agree with you and love love the word lifeline in the context you conveyed. Such a beautiful meaning and so choice. Thank you for you lovely thoughts. Love Catnip


      • Oh, Catnip, I am SO excited! I just wrote a post for tomorrow and YOU are going to get such a kick out of it. I am laughing as I write this to you. Wait until you see this. I also thank you from the bottom of my Heart for encouraging me to do what I just did. I bow to you, my friend. You will understand when you see tomorrow’s post. Be prepared to smile BIG! LOVE, Amy


      • Thank you dear. And I am adding a dance video to your post on life above the mat. Still working on it. I let you know when it’s done. It’s so much better when you have some species to write for don’t you think, it becomes a precious gift. And with purpose. I love humor. It’s a gift too. Thank you for being such a good sport today in the Launderette. You made my day.


      • And I will return the favor as YOU will see the humor in my story tomorrow and laugh with glee. I promise. This could be the start of a very good thing, you know. Humor has lifted my spirits today, and truth be told, they were heavy. Life at times nips you at the heels. And then some. Bless you, my friend. I cannot wait to leap out of bed to post my story for YOU to read. Hehehehehehehe And now a dance? Oh yes I LOVE to dance! How did you know? LOL xx


      • Perfectly. Your powers of observation are uncanny. And they are true. You “see” as well. The higher your spirit goes, the more you will be able to see, the more you will be able to hear. It just happens.


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