if we were roses


We are brilliantly modest
And yes my partner is modestly stunning.
And if we were roses,
I would want to be planted next to them,
Even though we would appear foolish
Next to so much an elegant extravagance,
But a rose, we are not.

Our delicate, mature appearance
Tricks an average eye,
For far deep beneath our petals
Is where our youthful colors lie.

We’re the mother of all flowers,
A golden drop of dew, graceful,
Exotic, fragile, and intelligent
Orchids of such rare beauty,
If we were roses we could live forever,

But our lives are short, and sweet
And our days are numbered.
For we will live, love and sacrifice,
Only to fall to rise again
A life free of strife,
Paradise, just look at the two of us.
So content to be, my orchid and me.

5 thoughts on “if we were roses

    • I am delighted you like it, I thought it might work, in first person, as if I were the flower. Kind of like when I Carl the Cat or Life Above the Mat, or the Lover in Why I Love You. It might work. I dunno.


      • Do you think, flowers can speak and have a voice and a character. I believe so. So if I were a flower, which one would I be, maybe a dandelion, because my thoughts are all over the place. There, are lots of me, started out as a milkweed, silly and whimsical, there i blow and go back to seed.


      • Catnip, seeing your favorite flower is a Peony, I see you as a brilliant million petal peony that glows so brightly even in sunshine. Each petal is a facet of you and bringing them all together as a whole, gives one a gorgeous deep pink peony. YOU are that Peony. You are far from a dandelion, even though it blows and goes to seed. Peonies seed too and I have proof that they do in a paper bag. You are frilly and sometimes silly, you are lovely and so bright, you are extremely intelligent and yes talk a lot, you are inspiring and someone many can look up to. That is who I see you.


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