Love by Choice


What is freedom for, If not for peace,
And to love, isn’t that what it’s for…
Isn’t freedom about how we choose to live by choice,
To me it’s more than a way of life.

But it’s life in the way we choose to live it
By having the option of choice,
And by having those rights endowed,
That we have earned…and so richly desire.

And so with choice comes responsibility,
It is a privilege to be respected,
And uncompromising and private
Should I choose it to be.

For I believe it is the human right of passage
And the civil laws of all humankind
To fight only when I have to
To protect and defend my Creator,
Whomever I choose Him to be,
My family, friends, country, my honor,
Again, it’s my choice.

And if and when I chose, picking the right battle,
Choosing freedom at all cost, to help others,
To survive as long as I can,
And finally, to love and to find happiness
If and when the choice comes to me,
I will always choose Love
Because of you.

15 thoughts on “Love by Choice

    • Thank you, Kim, You sure are sweet taking time to read my blog. I know your popular and busy, Just letting you know I appreciate your replies as always.i feel Blessed. Thank you.


      • Me popular? Never – to my boys and my little puppy but that be it. I am a bit busy right now that school is out – driving and working and them working and my boss who is like a kid with more anxiety than me – which is not good. I am not popular – I got the car;).

        Reading your posts are like a breath of fresh air. And I enjoy how beautiful and positive they are. I need that;)


      • Be that, and come what may and to all the joys that come with living life to the fullest. I am lucky to know this community. You and John, Amy and Sage.. Marcus, and Richard. Oops i just though of something. i dont know IPAds name.


    • I was inspired by you. We may be children of a lesser, perhaps not as privileged as some, but it doesn’t mean we are less, we are all beautiful and different with our own struggles to overcome like you and others have, and your making life better and more enjoyable and lovely and kind at the same time.


      • WE may be children of a lesser, yes, but that is not who we are. When we go within and find that Door that leads to the One who walks on Water, He will show us our Truth. Yes, it takes time and yes it takes work, but it is truly possible to rise above the lesser and BE who we are. Perfect. Love. Special. And no one can take that away from us, for we see it as our Truth. How Sweet Victory is.


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