Why I love you~ Kiss


I heard the words escaping your lips,
Does your heart not deny,
This love and trust within, friendship,
To admit such feelings so intimate
And powerful awareness of us exist .

Proving to be hopeful,
With hearts pounding,
Our bodies trembling
Who was the first to break,

To say those three special words,
This tension between us so creates,
With such a deep breath,
All pride put aside,
Finally realizing what we feel is this.
In our heart to be true love.

And at long last,
Will your powerful words grace my ears,
To say it, “I love you.”
Standing there, to hear your adoration
Delivering those words so long overdue,
Tears of happiness filling our eyes,
As I say it back to you…
“I love you too.”

It will be a moment so precious
And so rare to me,
That I will feel time will stop,
But the moment becomes even closer,
Will this distance close between us.

When our lips will lock in a kiss,
When will our minds fog with ecstasy,
When will this sensation be our bliss.

Enrapture me within waves of your pleasure,
Let it wash over us from just one kiss,
To feel thy warmth of my true love’s embrace;
It’s what I long for …

It’s why I love you so much,
That I can’t barely wait,
Because I love you,
I just do.

Thank you for loving me.

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