How I will spend my Summer Vacation


I know you may have been a little melancholy
Maybe missing something not quite sure,
But I hope it was me. I have been missing you,
I miss my best friend terribly.
Even though we have our writing,
We write everyday, but you need more
And so do I, it’s time, don’t you think,
To become a couple, a plain pair of two?

But how to go forward from here
It is the most important thing. Lovers becoming
Staying friends, and maybe try some of me on you.
Sneak a kiss, hold hands, Laughing daily,
Wine every evening and Scrabble is a must,
And sex is a possibility. If we close the door
Not let the doggy on the bed, for once.

Walks in the park and long conversation,
And lots of beach time, cooking, dining out,
Reading and writing everyday everywhere we go,
Take Lots of photographs, and day trips,
Shopping in the Markets and Sunday fairs.

Our first kiss, I am hopeful,
Breakfast in bed and morning coffee
Sunday paper, Galleries and Museums
And a long weekend in London with you
A long drive to Paris. I thought, is nice
I would lease a car for the summer.

Maybe take a roadie and find a treasure
Or something to set our heart afire.
So I can hear your sweet words
We could meet your mother.

I am already almost there, home with you
How I want to spend my summer vacations,
Leaving Monday for one of the British Isle’s,
To begin a life long romance with life
With a gypsy soul, my companion
For this and all the summers to come.

Why don’t you meet me there.
We will be sight seeing and writing
Working on my Novel. Your my home,
Don’t know how long I’ll be,
I’m thinking of staying
Maybe forever.

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