Carl Le’Attitude ~ Human Behavior Modification


Cat’s must remember,
humans are individuals too,
and some behavior are unacceptable
And they must undergo
human learning modification procedures.

These are a set of procedures that,
will result in changes in their behavior.

There are a few activities that humans
normally engage in that cat’s consider
inappropriate include aggressive play,
like human aggression towards their cats,
and unreasonable fear of their cat.


The instinct-based behavior problems
involve improperly repressed natural instincts,
inappropriate for living a quality human life.
They include: predatory behavior, excessive scratching
Urination and defecation in inappropriate places
in the house.

If you don’t like a particular behavior
Stop your human, letting them know
Not to act this way. Interrupt them with a loud noise
or physically keep them from doing it.


For example, when you see your human scratching
immediately make a loud reprimand. (Meeeeoooow)
If you notice your human about to urinate in the house,
claw at them with your paws to scare i away.

There are anti-depressant drugs available
that may help, but the best treatment is
a secure and healthy environment
where your human feel safe around you.


Pay attention and do what you can
to make your human act more appropriately.

4 thoughts on “Carl Le’Attitude ~ Human Behavior Modification

    • Oh thanks. Carl has a bit of a personality complex. Because of the dryer trauma getting throwed in by a human. But I love him anyway. Why I’m very patient.


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