Just Add Laughter


Scientist say that 50  60 is really 40,
(A friend corrected me), With proof,
And it’s because people are healthier
These days, or is it because we are
Laughing more?

And of course, it feels to enjoy a good laugh
But would it surprise you to also learn,
That the scientific research on laughter,
Is proving it to be true?

Laughter with healthy lifestyle is proving
To show profound positive impact on lives,
Both in our physical and mental well-being.
Besides, we live longer too.

Depending on our diet and exercise,
Low stress levels, non-smoker and lifestyle,
Subtract 5 years from your age for good habit,
Laughter could add another 7 years,
To your to life.

They also say if your happily married,
It might increases your life another 5 years.

There are benefits of being happy and healthy,
And married, reducing anxiety and stress,
To oxygenating our blood and organs,
Improving circulation and releasing

Laughter lifts our moods
And the positive effects of laughter,
Could add another 7 years to your lifespan.

So, if you are age 55 today and healthy
And the average length is age 88,
So really your only 35 years old,
You will probably live age 102,
If your happy, add 7 for laughing.

Then what? Never too old to have fun…
Right? Or at least to have fun, or
Perhaps laughter means loving longer,
Letting us live longer, maybe….

For more laughs go to: http://addlaughter.com/

13 thoughts on “Just Add Laughter

    • Stick around, we need a animal and dog activist in the community near the Sultry Suds. Somebody keeps putting cats in the dryer machines at the Launderette and turning the dryer on. Maybe you can come by sometime, Thanks for your help.


  1. I raise a toast to your poem on laughter and the power of it. I think Sultry Suds should show funny movies in loops so we who are washing our clothes can laugh the time away. Maybe lots of “The Three Stooges?”


    • Thank you for your feed back. We may have a few maybe We could. I’ll have to ask Caitlin she runs the sultry suds. I just write her stories. Thanks your great!


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