I got your back

cat-driving (2)

Does your feline react to stress or boredom
Does he show signs of depression,
Symptoms of feline depression are similar
To those of human depression, and many
Behaviors have the similar causes.

If they are depressed, or won’t eat
He may have a decreased interest in things,
What he used to enjoy, such as playing
And exploring, eating, grooming,
Interacting With you or the family.


You also may see behavioral changes,
Such as increased vocalization, grumpy,
Increased irritability, aggression,
He may sleep more in general, lethargy
Sleeping more during the day, or all day,
Perhaps roam the house at night.

Every one is different, so it’s important
To note what’s normal for their personality,
If you notice a sudden change in activity,
They could be suffering from depression.
Lethargy and behavior is a red flag.

cat-driving (1)

If he is stressed about lifestyle changes,
Try to reduce the stress as much as possible,
Try to respond to routine, not changing the food,
Giving ample space during meal and play times,
Make it the same each day and loving him more.

Spend time playing, rotate toys daily or weekly
So he is surprised with “new” toys regularly.

Depression can be devastating for anyone
So if you notice a change in behavior,
Be sure to improve the environment quickly,
Then it might be time for a road trip,
Take him with you every where you go.


Spending more quality time with him,
Will fix him, it will heal you too.
No one will notice, a cat on your back,
So be sure to tell him not to worry
You got his back and that you love him every day
Even on the road, especially when he struggles,
Wherever life takes you… Just go.

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