I do my own waxing including my eyebrows. I used to do it at the spa, But then it hurts too, but now I just do it at home.

So I don’t have anyone else to blame my eyebrows on other than me.

Just kidding, my eyebrows rock and my uni-brow is smooth.

18 thoughts on “Unibrow

  1. Catnip,

    You are so brave, ouch! I love the photo you are hilarious, you’ve kind of got a Groucho Marx thing going on, with the glasses and the cloth mustache, very sexy! You make me laugh so hard, thank you!

    Take care, be safe!


    • Thank you. Unfortunately, I’m a bit on the nerdy girl type. If I can figure it out for myself, I will. I don’t mind the math…silly me.


      • Silly is always good. Seriously, is Carl traveling with you? Hope you will be blogging while in Paris, please take a close up photo of the rivets on the tower, okay? Being a metal smith I love anything old, worn and grimy made of metal. Weird, Huh? I hope you have a wonderful time and a safe trip. Enjoy!

        Take care,


      • Yeah, I think you got it. Sometimes an image of something (dirty mental) acts as inspiration for me (a muse) for creating a piece of artwork. Old metal is intriguing in that it has great patina, age, texture, and has a life story of its own. I guess that is what I mean by “weird”. Most of my work is conceptual jewelry, very wearable, but maybe more like having something beautiful, pretty, or oddly pretty. I work with flame, in both precious and non-precious metals, pearls are a favorite element, rough cut gem stones, and I also try to incorporate something organic. Most of my work has a theme, and I desperately work to allow others to see the “beauty” in what is usually perceived as “ugly”. I will work on several pieces that may be part of a collection, no two pieces are exactly alike, yet they hold hands with each other. Too much information?


      • No, not too much information. Actually, I am in love with an artist and lyricist. Except he has the gift of words, art, knowledge and music is his craft. You sculpture with your hands and imagination. I love that.


      • Thanks Pepper. yes i am very lucky. may be away from the computer for a day. No signal. I should write again by Wednesday. Thanks again. Love C


    • I did not do the bikini wax this time, I’m saving it for my boyfriend, he likes to watch me shave and loves the kink. Silly boys…hahahha


      • Well, do as a friend of mine did, she had her boyfriend do it for her. Years ago, I worked with this wild pharmacist who had married a woman 20 years younger. He told me about doing it for his wife and how the first time, he used eyeliner to draw it out and then did accordingly. And hey, turtles are cool!


      • It was nice of that pharmacist to do that, Her boyfriend did it? Wow that might be down the road a bit. I think he to shy, never seen one before, I think i might be embarrassed to see my narly.


      • LOL. In the 70s when I was a young un, we were encouraged by the feminist movement to take control of our bodies including exploring and looking at ourselves. If that were the case now, I’d be afraid of frightening myself! 🙂


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