Why I Love You ~ Sensations


I don’t always understand everything
What I feel, or this chemistry,
We seem to share inevitably ,
But more importantly it’s crucial,
To be visual and be present
To understand that images fill a need,
I need to see you and you see me.

Its just as important as auditory need,
To hear things to hear your voice ,
And talking is an important part of our
Process of incorporating the “us.”
Whatever senses draw our desires.

That we may more closely involve
Our sensations identifying more
of the significant,
like the visual of our minds;

As it is relating to sight,
As auditory relates to sound,
And tactile as it relates to touch,
As olfactory related to smell,
Kinetics as in body movement,
And flavor as in taste.

All my senses exploding at once
It’s a feeling of merging with you
Almost like spinning together,
Into space, we become a part
of the whole universe.

But I can’t create this feeling by myself,
I need your presence,
And when it happens
it just happens
And it’s when
I feel your love the most,
Its why I love you.
I love you, I just do.

Thank you.

~ to be continued

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