Paris Lost

I found there is no Paris,
Not really.
At a loss.
It wasn’t here, Paris is give and take
Madness and passion of two,
Got to take chances,
From within,
The heart.

10 thoughts on “Paris Lost

  1. If we set our eyes on that which is without, and shut out Heart, we shall not ever achieve our Dreams. Setting our eyes on that which is within, shall manifest that which is without. GREAT POST, Catnip! Love, Amy


  2. There are parts of Paris in all of us. Yearning to be wild and unafraid. Sometime the dreams of Paris are stalemated but never forgotten. The wonder and wishes can keep us holding hope and dreams. Johnnie is still dreaming of Paris. I hope you are doing well. I have four days to think and write. Stop by and say hello.


  3. There is always a Paris, deep inside waiting to be discovered and embraced.
    I really love this one M’lle (((Awhoooo)))


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