Kaze Hikaru


As I felt as if I were a part of everything
Every thing around me is growing and alive,
There were flowers and tall grasses blowing gently,
In the breezes and i felt as if i were a part
Of this place, as if I became it and it was in me.

As I walked, there were these amazing trees,
So brilliant and tall and some seemed to be,
A thousand years old or more.

Those that had fallen were still in their place
And so I counted the rings of trees, hills and rocks
Aware of light and space all around me, I wondered,
As I walked I saw a few trees that were laying down.

Some had fallen naturally, some may have been trimmed,
But each left to the ages and time, ancient,
In a state of grace and of years passing by.

Still in existence, beautiful, yet left silent
Perhaps waiting to fossilize, or to be left unchanging,
And that maybe some things are not meant to be moved,
Never to be too far from it’s birth.

And as for me to have traveled thus far to see
This beauty on this day, it makes me feel like a part of it,
A part of your life, and not just the radiant scenery,
But more so one with all, its who you are, seeing you shining,
And on our way to becoming us.

It’s why I love this place and you so much,
I love you. I just do, unconditionally,
Kaze Hikaru.

12 thoughts on “Kaze Hikaru

      • ))))))))))))) wishing you a wonderful day.))))))))))))) Germany won yesterday, so most of family happy, small part of clan was rooting for Brazil, until about the 29th minute when apparently, Brazil gave up on themselves, sadly.(((((( I’ve never seen a game like that on TV or even in person when I played in Europe.(((((


      • Many a year ago, I played Fussball for a 3rd league Bayern Munich team, thanks to German birth, I was a little short, but metal plate in head was priceless. Opponents only forgot once))))))) Played on German/American military team on a German air base 2 yrs. Played 2 yrs in German American style Football league, on field translator/liaison/asst coach. It’s a wonder if any of my joints still function at allllllllllllllllll
        Kids said I should have quit in my 30s not late 40s


    • I spent a few days in London on my way to Paris, and I am still traveling. I apologise for not posting and the delay . It’s just temporary I promise.


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