Paris journey’s ~ continued

imageI have come to believe
That Paris is more than a journey,
There will be some always seeking
And then there’s those who will
Actually find it, like me,
If your the lucky one.

I could not have found more grace
Nor could I have been more pampered,
For surely I am being spoiled,
In every way possible.

My lover is my host, radiant
He is so kind and warm, spiritual,
This one who has done nothing but
Demonstrating his affections to me,
Morning, noon and night, we laugh,
All filled with intelligent conversation.

I have been given the loveliest room,
My bed and pillows of down
The finest Egyptian cotton sheets,
Every meal prepared is exquisite,
The fine dining is brilliant and gourmet
My bath is always ready,
And a glass of wine that stays full.

I don’t know what I’ve done
To deserve all of this,
But I have never felt more love than this
Than these day where we seem to
More than exist.
Paris is more than a journey,
I think it’s telling me that heaven
Truly exist.

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