Paris Journey’s ~ Celebrations

Last night was a moment in Paris
Professing my Love, opening my heart
Perhaps a moment too too bold! too soon,
Maybe I pushed, I don’t know,
But I had to reveal it.

I saw a heart so delicate,
A mind so determined, yet fragile,
Perhaps too much to drink, I don’t know
I would never hurt you,
I adore you too much.

Although maybe we had too much champaign
Rich foods, days of castles, love in the grass
Bringing love with bouquets of lavender
To my bedside table, I loved that, you
And the oceans.

It was a minute of bliss, of celebrating
Soft, sweet, full tender lips me mine,
Then turning and quickly blushing, smiling,
Our days are full, my life complete nearly.

Wishing and thinking of this morning and smile
This morning at my bed, he opened up,
And that old familiar feeling rushes down me,
He ask me if I wanted and of course I do.

The trellis of my body, i’m addicted
Remembering this hazy love I once had
For now I am under his spell,
I only know what what I know,
What I once lost,
This is what we spend our entire lives,
A lifetime of this, trying to achieve.

To regain-my unblemished splendor
I will look for everyday at him in favor,
Midnight Flame, New Moon again, my Paris
Pleasing with your giving,
Loving as much as taking,
And wanting in as much having.

A refined luminescence, your melody
Of the purest feelings, your body divine
For I feel you have rescued me,
From the embers.
It’s why I love you and life here in Paris.
I love you so much, I just do.

~ to be continued

18 thoughts on “Paris Journey’s ~ Celebrations

  1. Love is like a garden. Need concern, care and love.It will grow slowly and become something worthwhile if allowed. A beautiful poem. Sometime we need Paris more than she knows.


      • I wish I was with you. I’m sorry you are sad. I work tonight and I will be free for three days. Please track me down tomorrow and we can talk.


      • I will be just fine. I think I am home. Someone actually wants me to stay. Helping buy a place, a cottage house right here. I’m always here. I have to start writing again. My mentor is teaching me, helping me change my style.


      • Don’t change too much. Each of us have a special way of using the pen and our thoughts. You are gentle with a loving pen. Create passion and you can take the reader to places they dream about with using proper words and description. This is a true and real art. I love the way you write. Make me wish to be part of every poem and story.


      • You are generous and compassionate. I can appreciate your knowledge and wisdom. And so I will try, maybe i can get better and keep you in every poem. Thank you .


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