Paris Journey’s ~ Marry me


Sometimes it seems like every word
Is constructed so beautiful likening to me,
So deepening within my heart cries and my lungs
Are barely breathing, overcoming despairs,
And for a life I have lived, a life with no regrets,
Asking for you to take a chance, it’s really a wish
But only for you to leave the chaos simply behind.
Then how it is I managed to hear your cries,
To be with you, did you not compel me to be here…
Even across far distant oceans, beyond I heard
Upon my arrival, I knew I would love you
This gentle spirit, sensitive and loving man,
Thinking maybe that you might love me too,
That we might just up together and I would ask you…
Marry me please.

6 thoughts on “Paris Journey’s ~ Marry me

  1. There is a phrase in the movie, A.D., ….about “love’s sweet savor…” this fits beautifully…and “being compelled” to appear beside him…this IS A TIGHTLY KNIT and intense piece of poetry!!! Good going there, Girl!!!!


  2. A man would be very lucky to have you. You are beauty and positive energy. I believe people should know each other before marriage. Best to know the strength and weaknesses of another. Don’t rush love, allow love to become the cherish new dreams and the future one.


    • You are exactly right. I love that. I love coining phrases, like learning to love. Things take time and work, I just have the feeling that we could grow together, it’s funny though how some people we meet along the way, though we love in a way that we would never consider as a permanent companion or partner. Then when the one comes along it’s rare and unexpected and you just know it maybe.


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