Paris Journey’s ~ Together

20140715-080217 pm-72137329.jpg

Day 15

I wish to reach the epiphany of
My every Desire, it Is here, together, and
I’m no longer casting aside tears ,
For one who I have found so worthy
Perhaps I shall flourish.

So when I think of you and smile
You are home now, so am I
These familiar feeling rushes down
The trellis of my body,
Thinking once of parting
Attempting to be no longer addicted
But my will fails me, remembering this
Hazy crazy love of ours lingering still.

And with what I know in my heart,
Begging silently, wanting to stay,
To make passionate love,
In wild abandon, days of loving freely
My mind wondering if I should go,
What I have lost if I do…

And will I spend my life trying to
Reclaim this unblemished splendour,
Then this morning, awakened too
To a full moon again,
Shining ever sorely, such excitement
That I can’t barely even settle down
Anywhere else, only here with you.

To a live a life with you is more than existing,
It’s a life with more meaning,
More than I could hope for,
To dwell your hold is a dream,
It’s feels like we are home, maybe.

Maybe home is the place, sacred
Where we can learn to love,
Sacrificing and togetherness.
Maybe home, it’s where I can only
Love you more. Just as I do right now
Why I love you as I do…
I just do.

Thank you, and
I love you.

~ to be continued

5 thoughts on “Paris Journey’s ~ Together

  1. “Maybe home, it’s where I can only
    Love you more. Just as I do right now”
    Few times in life. We will know the comfort of home. I agree with the words above. Home is where the love is.


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