Life Above The Mat- missing owner

20140718-121515 pm-44115111.jpg

Lost owner really
Cats don’t really go missing
It’s just that sometimes
The owner misses the cat
How about that.
Found the memo today
On the bulletin board
At the laundrette
And I live life above the Mat.

12 thoughts on “Life Above The Mat- missing owner

      • Catnip, Bless you for reaching out. I have told no one of this in WP, but this is just what happened. Last night, one of my beloved outdoor cats came to the door, crying, panting, and I knew right there this was life or death. His whole face was swollen so bad that his eyes were shut and he could not breathe through his nose. I rushed out, tried to very gently approach but he ran in my neighbor’s garden. Everything that could go wrong did, and I never got the opportunity to help him. Tee-Tee I know is now gone. He suffocated to death and I was powerless to get to him to help. One of my neighbor’s dogs attacked him, and in a panic he flew and just disappeared. I looked for hours, but found nothing. I know in my heart he is gone. And I am pretty sure he was poisoned. That, Catnip, is what lies heavily on my heart today. Many tears. But underneath all that, I know my Tee-Tee is now in the Better Place. God Bless you for listening to me. (((HUGS))) Amy


      • Mercy, bless your heart, tears. But if he did this, I pity his life . What a sad person. But remember the cat has has many lives, you will see him again…the human only one life and he will live with this the rest if his days.


      • That’s the thing, Catnip, I am not sure he was poisoned, but IF he was, I know who did it, and it is a she. What else would make a cat’s entire face blow up like a balloon and his skin was fire red? This is a long story on this cat, who was a reincarnation of my Tigger. The really strange thing about all this, Tee Tee just appeared from out of nowhere, and he disappeared the same way. When the fates seem to be going in a certain direction, no matter what a person does, it is meant to be. Honestly, Catnip, it was as though someone was directing a “play” and on cue, the events unfolded. On top of this, a neighbor who I “thought” was a friend, stood there talking to another neighbor, with no recognition that anything was wrong, and no concern, no offer of help. I’m still trying to figure everything out. So much to incorporate into my head. All happened so fast that it seems surreal. Again, I really thank you for your concern. Bless you from the bottom of my Heart. Love, Amy


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