Paris Journeys- Discovery in Paris

20140723-035219 pm-57139636.jpg
Feelings as if I am Still dancing
Light as air, a flightless bird
With beautiful wings, letting go
And holding on, lips
Barely moving,
I’m never coming down.

Standing here on sacred ground,
In this perfect perfection,
In the awe of you,
The maleness of your loveliness,
Craving, relentless and tender hearts breaking.
More than I ever dreamed,
More than the most possible.

Shuttering to think,
What was almost missed
Wrapped up in few words,
Wrapped up in your splendour.

There was passion and fire
Loving and desire, and wild
Then slipping into your hands
Of exotic ecstasy, stroking
Releasing, bending, unfolding
Conquering, a night, discovering
Paris last night.

What I was born for…
Just you and I, and a beginning
Why I love you as I do…
I just do.
Thank you,
For last night and you
Nights that are forever to be.

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