Life Above the Mat- USB Deluxe


Life above the Mat, at the Launderette
At the Sultry Suds, it can be interesting,
Occasionally, enough.

I live above the Laundromat
It’s where I met my boyfriend at
Where I meet all my friends, and
My best friend, I fell in love there too,
Living life deluxe.

It’s a place where I can share stories
And do more than just a load at time,
It’s a pub and suds, if you’d like to pop in,
For some fun, sometime.

People come here for a wash and a buzz,
It’s close to where Jim Bob lives at,
He helps serve and drinks the malt and ales,
Helps for what ails you too, and anything else
If you might want to drink and talk about it.

Well, I have two new friends, acquaintances really
I met them in Paris; Paul and Paulina USB Deluxe,
It’s what I call them or something like that,
Or at least that was the name on the box.

When Jim Bob Chuck insisted he wanted to meet up
Give me a free demonstration from the Paris Montmarte,
It was a gift from the sex shop, or something like that,
But, I didn’t know about things working out like that.

So as he insisted last night when he came by
The Sultry Suds for a stiff one, wanting to try it out
So we got to drinking and Jim Bob got to pouring,
Before long, we were still able to crawl out of there,
We just laughed.

Anyways, we went upstairs, he introduced me to it,
Paul and Pauline, a deluxe USB Charged device,
All the time, I said, What am I suppose do I do with that,
And I’m not drunk, but I think it has two heads,
Or something like that, I said.

“What do you think this is,” The Moulin Rouge
Or some weird sex shop something like that, I said,
“You can’t carry that thing around here, like that.

“Go for it”, Jim Bob said; That’s Paul and Paulina,
The name for it. It’s for in and out action and double deluxe fun
And I said, “Finally” maybe, I’ll have some of that I said.
But that was enough talking about it.

Anyway moving on, when I turned the USB Deluxe Vibe on
It was not the only one going, it had turned on me and Jim Bob too,
Just as much as I, we were barely holding on, it took both of us,
For a fast and furious ride, and we just smiled, afterwards
I just laughed and that’s all I have to say about that.

Except that he wanted me to have it, and charged up,
For when he was away, but just looking at it at first,
Was to hard to bare, with such high technology powered on,
But now we were friends, this USB machine me, Jim Bob,
And Paul and Paulina, this USB Deluxe Vibe thing.

How about it, it’s the first time,
I’d ever seen anything like that,
I never owned a USB Vibe Deluxe before,
And that’s all I know about that.

So life goes on, Life above the Launderette,
It ain’t so bad, because I love Jim Bob,
And he loves me and it feels good too,
To have someone and something like that,
Life is picture perfect, still laughing about that
If you know what I mean.

8 thoughts on “Life Above the Mat- USB Deluxe

  1. I’m starting to realize the laundromat is enchanted. Anything is possible, most likely probable, and some new surprises inevitable. Alice should have gone to the laundromat instead of Wonderland.


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