Paris Journey’s ~ Stay

20140812-115059 am-42659085.jpg
When you love someone you admire
There is a deep longing for them
He doesn’t have to give me his name
To know that he makes you feel loved
But I hold my heart in my hands
Leaving me full, heavy with passions
It’s going to be a long time before,
I can get those eyes out of my head
I had fallen, just as many others,
Loving your wit and the mastery
We never laughed more, loved more
So proud to be a part of your life,
I would make you stay longer…
It is not so hard, and your so brave too
I need you, please stay forever,
I love you my friend, for all you do
Now and always
I love you, I just do.

Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Paris Journey’s ~ Stay

  1. Well said. The ones we let into our lives, the lives we join that nourish our soul, always seem to depart too soon. Too soon, perhaps, because we are never ready to let them go.


    • I never want to let him go. I know for sure now, who my one and only is. It’s when you love everything about them, for who they are, they are ever more brilliant even after all. Thank you.

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  2. Without love. We would be just shells. Love is a built-up of actions and gifts of kind words. We need dreams, imagination and hope. You are my dream, imagination and hope. Thank you for the amazing poetry.

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